Vol 75(1)

  • Detection of Multiple Outliers in Time Series: An Application to Rice Yield Data
          Gopal Saha, Ranjit Kumar Paul and L.M. Bhar
  • Fitting of Size Biased Generalized Negative Binomial and Poisson Distributions on Crop Pests Data
          Chetan Kumar Saini, H.L. Sharma and Pushpendra Patel
  • A Series of Factorial Row-Column Designs with Incomplete Rows and Columns
          Cini Varghese, Seema Jaggi, Kallol Sarkar and Mohd. Harun
  • Augmented Simplex-centroid Designs for Mixture Experiments
          Debopam Rakshit, B.N. Mandal, Rajender Parsad and Sukanta Dash
  • Measuring the Infrastructural Adequacy for Agriculture: A Comparative Analysis of Indian States
          Rajni Jain, Prem Chand, Priyanka Agarwal, Sulakshana Rao and Suresh Pal
  • Sampling Methodology for Estimation of Harvest and Post-harvest Losses of Major Crops and Commodities
          Tauqueer Ahmad, Anil Rai, Prachi Misra Sahoo, S.N. Jha and R.K. Vishwakarma
  • Calibration Estimator of Finite Population Mean using Auxiliary Information under Adaptive Cluster Sampling
          Ankur Biswas, Raju Kumar, Deepak Singh and Pradip Basak
  • Measuring Price Transmission, Causality and Impulse Response: An Empirical Evidence from Major Potato Markets in India
          Soumik Dey, Kanchan Sinha, Arnab Kumar Chand, Pramit Pandit, Herojit Singh and P.K. Sahu
  • Construction of Two Level Balanced and Nearly Balanced Optimal Supersaturated Designs
          Parvez Mallick, Jit Shankar Basak, A. Dutta, H. Das and A. Majumder
  • Particle Swarm Optimization based Multi-objective Optimization for Crop Planning: A Case Study of Bundelkhand
          Shbana Begam, Rajni Jain, Alka Arora and Sudeep Marwaha
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