Vol 74(3)

  • Robust Regression in the Presence of Leverage: An Application to the Baseball Data
          Amit Saha, K.N. Singh, Bishal Gurung, Santosha Rathod and Md. Yeasin
  • Prediction of Finite Population Total for Geo-referenced Data
          Samir Barman, Pradip Basak and Hukum Chandra
  • Fixing the Sample-Size in Direct and Randomized Response Surveys
          Arijit Chaudhuri and Aritra Sen
  • Application of Machine Learning Techniques with GARCH Model for Forecasting Volatility in Agricultural Commodity Prices
          Tanima Das, Ranjit Kumar Paul, L.M. Bhar and A.K. Paul
  • Modelling Volatility Influenced by Exogenous Factors using an Improved GARCH-X Model
          Md Yeasin, K.N. Singh, Achal Lama and Ranjit Kumar Paul
  • An Alternative Sampling Methodology for Estimation of Cotton Yield using Double Sampling Approach
          Tauqueer Ahmad, U.C. Sud, Anil Rai and Prachi Misra Sahoo
  • Spatial Bootstrap Variance Estimation Method for Missing Survey Data
          Ankur Biswas, Anil Rai and Tauqueer Ahmad
  • Integration of Survey Data and Satellite Data for Acreage Estimation of Mango (Mangifera indica)
          Ashis Ranjan Udgata , Prachi Misra Sahoo , Tauqueer Ahmad , Anil Rai , Ankur Biswas and Gopal Krishna
  • Tree Network-balanced Designs for Agroforestry Trials
          Peter T Birteeb, Cini Varghese , Seema Jaggi , Mohd. Harun and Eldho Varghese
  • New Quartile based Variant of the Ranked Set Sampling Scheme
          Immad A. Shah, Shakeel Ahmad Mir and Imran Khan
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