Vol 74(1)

  • JISAS Vol.74 Issue1
  • Stratified Randomized Response Model for Multiple Responses
          Raghunath Arnab and D.K. Shangodoyin
  • Climate Resilient, High Yielding and Stable Sugarcane Genotypes in India
          Rajesh Kumar , A.D. Pathak and Bakshi Ram
  • Some Transformed and Composite Chain Ratio-type Estimators using Two Auxiliary Variables
          Sarvesh Kumar Dubey , B.V.S. Sisodia and Manoj Kumar Sharma
  • Product Type Calibration Estimators of Finite Population Total under Two Stage Sampling
          Ankur Biswas, Kaustav Aditya, U.C. Sud and Pradip Basak
  • Bayesian State-space Implementation of Schaefer Production Model for Assessment of Stock Status for Multi-gear Fishery
          Eldho Varghese, T.V. Sathianandan, J. Jayasankar, Somy Kuriakose, K.G. Mini and M. Muktha
  • New Series of Optimal Covariate Designs in CRD and RBD set-ups
          Hiranmoy Das , Anurup Majumder , Manoj Kumar and Dikeshwar Nishad
  • Estimation of Drug Addicts among Students of Senior Secondary Schools Located in Kumaun Region of Uttarakhand, India Using RRT
          Neeraj Tiwari and Tanuj Kumar Pandey
  • Dynamics of Nutrient Uptake in Long Term Fertilizer Experiments on Rice in Kerala
          V.A. Jesma , T.K. Ajitha , S. Krishnan , P.P. Moossa and P. Sindhumole
  • An Alternative to Ratio and Product type Estimators of Finite Population Mean in Double Sampling for Stratification
          Hilal A. Lone , Rajesh Tailor and Med Ram Verma
  • Non-Parametric Stability Approach for Horticultural Crop Varietal Release
          R. Venugopalan, M. Pitchaimuthu and M. Chaithra
  • Ontology Learning Algorithm for Development of Ontologies from Taxonomic Text and USDA Soil Taxonomy Ontology
          Chandan Kumar Deb , Sudeep Marwaha and R.N. Pandey
  • Hindi Supplement
  • Book Review
          Ramasubramanian V
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