Vol 73(1)

  • Wavelet based Multi-scale Auto-Regressive (MAR) Model: An Application for Prediction of Coconut Price in Kerala
          Sandipan Sarkar, Ranjit Kumar Paul, A.K. Paul and L.M. Bhar
  • A Note on Effects on the Eigenstructure of a Data Matrix when Deleting a Subset of Observations
          Ravindra Khattree
  • Calibration Approach for Estimation of Population Ratio under Double Sampling
          Sadikul Islam, Hukum Chandra, U.C. Sud, Saurav Guha and Pradip Basak
  • Construction of Balanced Sampling Plans Excluding Adjacent Units
          Rajeev Kumar, B.N. Mandal and Rajender Parsad
  • Preliminary Test Regression type Estimator of Finite Population Mean in Survey Sampling
          Dhyanesh Shukla and B.V.S. Sisodia
  • Unbiased Class of Product Estimators in Circular Systematic Sampling (C.S.S.) Scheme
          Kuldeep Rajpoot and K.S. Kushwaha
  • Small Domain Inference Combining Data from Two Independent Surveys
          Sadikul Islam and Hukum Chandra
  • Hindi Supplement
  • Scrambled Response Techniques in Two Wave Rotation Sampling for Estimating Population Mean of Sensitive Characteristics with Case Study
          Kumari Priyanka, Pidugu Trisandhya and Richa Mittal
  • Efficient and Cost Effective Partial Three-Way Cross Designs for Breeding Experiments with Scarce Resources
          Mohd Harun, Cini Varghese, Seema Jaggi, Anindita Datta and Eldho Varghese
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