Vol 72(2)

  • Gompertz Stochastic Differential Equation Growth Model with Exogenous Variables and Time-Dependent Diffusion
          Himadri Ghosh and Prajneshu
  • Neighbour Balanced Designs for Diallel Cross Experiments
          Kuldeep Aswal, Seema Jaggi, Eldho Varghese and Cini Varghese
  • Trend Analysis of Rainfall and Rainy Days of Sehore District of Madhya Pradesh
          Antra Namdev, Alok Bajpai, R.B. Singh, K. Sujatha and Nitin Varshney
  • An Empirical Evaluation of Parameter Shrinkage Techniques for Vector Autoregression Models
          B.S. Yashavanth, K.N. Singh, A.K. Paul, Amrender Kumar, D.R. Singh and Pal Singh
  • Development of Composite Stability Measure using Multi Criteria Decisions Making (MCDM) Techniques
          Prakash Kumar, Lal Mohan Bhar, Amrit Kumar Paul, Samarendra Das and Himadri Shekhar Roy
  • Accelerated Shelf Life Prediction Models with Correlated Errors for Bio‑Chemical and Sensory Responses of Chill stored Fish
          C.G. Joshy, N. Balakrishna, George Ninan and C.N. Ravishankar
  • An Improved Randomized Response Technique
          Raghunath Arnab
  • Assessment of Scrambled Response on Second Call in Two-Occasion Successive Sampling under Non-Response
          G.N. Singh, M. Khetan and S. Suman
  • An Application of Weibull Process in Reliability Theory
          Anil Kumar, Mitra Pal Singh, Sukanta Dash, Sachikanta Dash and Sanjeev Panwar
  • Knowledge Engineering for Apportioning District Level Data in Agriculture
          Saravanakumar R, Rajni Jain, Alka Arora and Sudeep Marwaha
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