Vol 71(3)

  • Hybrid Time Series Models for Forecasting Banana Production in Karnataka State, India
          Santosha Rathod, Girish Chandra Mishra and K.N. Singh
  • Randomized Response Techniques with Multiple Responses
          Raghunath Arnab, D.K. Shangodoyin and P.M. Kgosi
  • Modelling Binary Data by Bayesian Logistic Regression with Random Intercepts
          Himadri Shekhar Roy, Ranjit Kumar Paul, Lal Mohan Bhar and Amrender Kumar
  • A Calibration Approach based Regression and Ratio Type Estimators of Finite Population Mean in Two-stage Stratified Random Sampling
          Dhirendra Singh, B.V.S. Sisodia, V.N. Rai and Sandeep Kumar
  • An Efficient Estimator for Estimating Population Variance using Auxiliary Information under Measurement Errors
          Sheela Misra and Dipika
  • Technology Forecasting in Fisheries Sector: Cross Impact Analysis and Substitution Modeling
          Ramasubramanian V, P.S. Ananthan, M. Krishnanand and A. Vinay
  • Examining the Co-movement between Energy and Agricultural Commodity Prices in India
          Rajeev Ranjan Kumar and Girish Kumar Jha
  • A Generalized Measure of Diversity: Application to Longitudinal Data on Crop-groups in North-East India
          Utpal Kumar De and Manoranjan Pal
  • Hindi Supplement
  • E-Governance Initiative for Effective Training Management and Knowledge Sharing in Large Scale Organization
          Alka Arora, Sudeep Marwaha, A.K.M. Samimul Alam, Saravanakumar R
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