Vol 71(2)

  • A Non-parametric Regression based Computational Approach for Prediction of Donor Splice Sites
          Prabina Kumar Meher and A.R. Rao
  • Software for Design of Water Harvesting Ponds and Associated Structures
          Ramadhar Singh and Karan Singh
  • Hindi Supplement
  • Resolvable Multi-Session Sensory Designs Balanced for Carryover Effects
          Sumeet Saurav, Cini Varghese, Eldho Varghese and Seema Jaggi
  • Richards Stochastic Differential Equation Growth Model and its Application
          Himadri Ghosh and Prajneshu
  • An Application of Fuzzy Programming Approach in Agriculture: A Case Study of Willow Wicker Cultivation in Kashmir
          M.A. Lone, S.A. Mir and Imran Khan
  • Model Based Calibration Approach for Estimating Population Total in Successive Sampling
          Nirupam Ghosh, U.C. Sud, Hukum Chandra and V.K. Gupta
  • Modelling Repeated Measures with Multiple Endpoints: A New Approach
          Sandipan Samanta, Ranjit Kumar Paul and Arjun Roy
  • An Improved ARFIMA Model using Maximum Overlap Discrete Wavelet Transform (MODWT) and ANN for Forecasting Agricultural Commodity Price
          Santosha Rathod, K.N. Singh, Ranjit K. Paul, Saroj K. Meher, G.C. Mishra, Bishal Gurung, Mrinmoy Ray and Kanchan Sinha
  • Comparative Performance of Imputation Methods for Different Proportions of Missing Data in Classification of Crop Genotypes
          Samarendra Das, Amrit Kumar Paul, S.D. Wahi and U.K. Pradhan
  • Modelling of Population Growth for a Seasonal Incidence of Mustard Aphid, Lipaphis erysimi
          N. Okendro Singh, N. Gopimohan Singh, A.K. Paul, Surinder Kumar and Gangmei Sobha
  • Development of GIS based Decision Support System for Estimation of Watershed Surface Runoff
          P.D. Sreekanth, K.V. Kumar, S.K. Soam, N.H. Rao and A. Krishna Prasad
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