Vol 71(1)

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  • Calibration Estimation of Regression Coefficient for Two-stage Sampling Design
          Pradip Basak, U.C. Sud and Hukum Chandra
  • Wavelet based Hybrid Approach for Forecasting Volatile Potato Price
          Priyanka Anjoy and Ranjit Kumar Paul
  • Hedge Ratio based on Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) Vs State Space Methodologies
          Amit Saha, S.P. Bhardwaj, K.N. Singh, Kanchan Sinha, Avnish Grover and Bishal Gurung
  • Volatility Spillover using Multivariate GARCH Model: An Application in Futures and Spot Market Price of Black Pepper
          Kanchan Sinha, Bishal Gurung, Ranjit Kumar Paul, Anil Kumar, Sanjeev Panwar, Wasi Alam, Mrinmoy Ray and Santosha Rathod
  • Double Stage Shrinkage Testimators for the Variance of a Normal Distribution using Asymmetric Loss Function
          Rakesh Srivastava and Tejal Shah
  • Generalised Neighbour Designs in Circular Blocks with Group-Divisible Association Scheme for Correlated Observations
          G.R. Manjunatha, A. Majumder and S.G. Patil
  • Trend Resistant Neighbour Balanced Bipartite Block Designs
          Kader Ali Sarkar, Seema Jaggi, Arpan Bhowmik, Eldho Varghese and Cini Varghese
  • Allocation of Sample in Stratified Sampling using Circular Systematic Sampling
          Rajesh Kumar and Trijya Singh
  • Enabling Hypervisor Environment for Increasing Efficiency and Effectiveness of Training Programmes - A Case Study at NAARM
          V.V. Sumanthkumar, P.D. Sreekanth, S.K. Soam, B.M.K. Raju, N.S. Raju and K.V. Rao
  • Farmers and Social Perspective on Optimal Crop Planning for Ground Water Sustainability: A Case of Punjab State in India
          Rajni Jain, I. Kingsly, Ramesh Chand, Amrit Pal Kaur, S.S. Raju, S.K. Srivastava and Jaspal Singh
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