Vol 70(3)

  • Estimation of Parameters in Nonlinear Regression Models with Unequally Spaced Observations
          Trijya Singh
  • An Improved Two Stage Optional RRT Model
          Neeraj Tiwari and Prachi Mehta
  • Non-Linear Mixed Effect Models for Estimation of Growth Parameters in Goats
          Pankaj Das, A.K. Paul and Ranjit Kumar Paul
  • Genetic Variability of Growth Curve Parameters in Goats: Application of Bootstrap Techniques
          A.K. Paul, Ranjit Kumar Paul, N. Mohan Das Singh, S.D. Wahi and N. Okendro Singh
  • Calibration Approach based Estimation of Finite Population Total under Two Stage Sampling
          Kaustav Aditya, U.C. Sud and Hukum Chandra
  • Improved Estimation in Logistic Regression through Quadratic Bootstrap Approach: An Application in Agricultural Ergonomics
          Arpan Bhowmik, Ramasubramanian V., Anil Rai, Adarsh Kumar and Madan Gopal Kundu
  • Weed Spatial Variability in Field Condition as Predicted by Kriging
          Yogita Gharde, K.K. Barman and P.K. Singh
  • Long Memory in Conditional Variance
          Ranjit Kumar Paul, Bishal Gurung, A.K. Paul and Sandipan Samanta
  • On Estimation of Population Mean under Systematic Sampling in the Presence of a Polynomial Trend
          Morteza Amini and Shahen Mohammad Faraj
  • Shrinkage Estimator in Dual Frame Survey Sampling
          Stephen A. Sedory, Sarjinder Singh and Maria del Mar Rueda
  • Development of Non-linear Models for Forecasting
          Anil Kumar and Sanjeev Panwar
  • A Web-based System on Herbicide Recommendation for Field Crops in India
          Chayna Jana, Shashi Dahiya , V.K. Mahajan , T.K. Das and N.M. Alam
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