Vol 70(2)

  • Estimation of Population Mean under Scrambled Response in Sample Surveys
          G.N. Singh, S. Suman and M. Khetan
  • An Improved Generalized Double Sampling Difference-type and Regression-type Estimators of Population Mean Using First Two Moments About Zero of Single Auxiliary Variable
          Nazia Naqvi and R. Karan Singh
  • Generalization of Randomized Response Techniques for Complex Survey Designs
          Raghunath Arnab, D.K. Shangodoyin and V.K. Dwivedi
  • Small Area Statistics: An Application for Studying Reliability and Validity
          Padam Singh and Satyendra Keshari
  • General Efficiency Balanced Designs in Circular Blocks with Correlated Observations
          S.G. Patil, A. Majumder and Manjunatha G.R.
  • Extracting Association Rules in Spatial Databases of Agriculture Domain for Land Use Planning
          Pranita Singh and S.D. Samantaray
  • A Class of Efficient Row-Column Designs for Type III Diallel Cross Experiments with Specific Combining Abilities
          Eldho Varghese, Cini Varghese and Seema Jaggi
  • Forecasting of Common Carp Fish Production from Ponds using Nonlinear Growth Models?A Modelling Approach
          Sanjeev Panwar, Anil Kumar, Susheel Kumar Sarkar, Ranjit Kumar Paul, Bishal Gurung and Abhishek Rathore
  • VAR-MGARCH Models for Volatility Modelling of Pulses Prices: An Application
          Achal Lama, Girish K. Jha, Bishal Gurung, Ranjit Kumar Paul and Kanchan Sinha
  • Design and Development of Web based Information System for Results Framework Document in ICAR
          N. Srinivasa Rao, Mukesh Kumar, A.K. Choubey and Sunil Kumar Jha
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