Vol 70(1)

  • Accuracy in Estimating Kendall?s Tau in Sampling Finite Populations
          Arijit Chaudhuri and Purnima Shaw
  • Redefining Poverty Line
          Padam Singh
  • Hunger in Gram Panchayats of Banda District (U.P.): A Micro-level Study
          A.K. Nigam, R. Srivastava, P.P. Tiwari, Reeta Saxena and Shruti Shukla
  • Parameter Estimation in Non-linear Regression Models
          Trijya Singh, S.K. Mandal and Rajesh Kumar
  • ARIMA-WNN Hybrid Model for Forecasting Wheat Yield Time-Series Data
          Mrinmoy Ray, Anil Rai, Ramasubramanian V. and K.N. Singh
  • Forecasting Meteorological Drought for a Typical Drought Affected Area in India using Stochastic Models
          N.M. Alam, Susheel Kumar Sarkar, C. Jana, A. Raizada, D. Mandal, R. Kaushal, N.K. Sharma, P.K. Mishra and G.C. Sharma
  • Dog Health Management Trainer: An Effective eLearning System for Dog Owners and Practitioners
          Mukesh Kumar, Rupasi Tiwari, Triveni Dutt, B.P. Singh, U.K. De, A.C. Saxena, Y. Singh and Sunil K. Jha
  • Hindi Supplement
  • A Comparative Study on Time-delay Neural Network and GARCH Models for Forecasting Agricultural Commodity Price Volatility
          Achal Lama, Girish K. Jha, Bishal Gurung, Ranjit Kumar Paul, Anshu Bharadwaj and Rajender Parsad
  • Calibration Based Regression Type Estimator of the Population Total under Two Stage Sampling Design
          Kaustav Aditya, U.C. Sud, Hukum Chandra and Ankur Biswas
  • On the Use of Principal Component Analysis in Sugarcane Clone Selection
          J. Ongala, D. Mwanga and F. Nuani
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