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  • Comparison of Simulation Techniques: A Linear Mixed Model Approach
          Yabebal Ayalew, M.K. Sharma, Aynalem Haile and Meseret Molla
  • Future Trading in Soybean - An Econometric Analysis
          S.P. Bhardwaj, Ranjit Kumar Paul and Ashok Kumar
  • Nonlinear Logistic Model for Describing Downy Mildew Incidence in Grapes
          R. Venugopalan and N. Vijay
  • Three-stage Optimal Sampling Plans for Group Testing Data
          Osval A. Montesinos-Lopez, Kent Eskridge, Abelardo Montesinos-Lopez and Jose Crossa
  • District Level Crop Yield Estimation under Spatial Small Area Model
          U.C. Sud, Kaustav Aditya and Hukum Chandra
  • Detection of Outliers in Designed Experiments with Correlated Errors
          Sankalpa Ojha and Lalmohan Bhar
  • Prediction of Area and Crop Production for Summer Rice and Maize of Upper Brahmputra Valley Zone of Assam using ANN
          Raju Prasad Paswan and Shahin Ara Begum
  • Prioritization of Rainfed Areas in India based on Natural Resource Endowments
          B.M.K. Raju, M. Osman, B. Venkateswarlu, A.V.M.S. Rao, K.V. Rao, P.K. Mishra, C.A. Rama Rao, K. Kareemulla, Anil Rai, V.K. Bhatia, Prachi Misra Sahoo, P.K. Malhotra, A.K. Sikka, N. Swapna and P. Latha
  • Estimation of Compound Growth Rates for Non-Monotonic Situations through Nonlinear Growth Models using WebECGR Package
          Soumen Pal, Prajneshu and Himadri Ghosh
  • Web Based Software for Back Propagation Neural Network with Weight Decay Algorithm
          Rakesh Kumar Ranjan, Anu Sharma, A.K. Jha, S.B. Lal and Alka Arora
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