Vol 68(2)

  • Some Analyses of the Interaction among Local Field Potentials and Neuronal Discharges in a Mouse using Mutual Information
          Apratim Guha
  • Influence of Measures of Significance based Weights in the Weighted Lasso
          Tanya P. Garcia and Samuel Miller
  • Generic Feature Selection with Short Fat Data
          B. Clarke and J.H. Chu
  • Variable Selection and Shrinkage via a Conditional Likelihood-based Penalty
          Arpita Ghosh, Andrew B. Nobel, Fei Zou and Fred A. Wright
  • A Modified Theta-logistic Model with Cooperation for Understanding Species Extinction
          Amiya Ranjan Bhowmick, Bapi Saha, Joydev Chattopadhyay and Sabyasachi Bhattacharya
  • A Novel Metric Distance on Registered Curves with Application to a Fourier Transform-infrared Spectroscopy Analysis of Maize
          Yishi Wang, Susan J. Simmons, Latasha L. Smith and Ann E. Stapleton
  • Outlier Detection through Independent Components for Non Gaussian Data
          Asis Kumar Chattopadhyay and Saptarshi Mondal
  • Big Data Comes to Functional Neuroscience: New Vistas for Statisticians
          Mark Reimers
  • Multiple Hypothesis Testing: A Review
          Stefanie R. Austin, Issac Dialsingh and Naomi S. Altman
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  • Statistical Challenges in Analysing Large Longitudinal Patient-level Data: The Danger of Misleading Clinical Inferences with Imputed Data
          Gijo Thomas, Kerenaftali Klein and Sanjoy K. Paul
  • Soil Property Estimation and Design for Agroecosystem Management using Hierarchical Geospatial Functional Data Models
          Christopher K. Wikle, Scott H. Holan, Kenneth A. Sudduth and D. Brenton Myers
  • A Multivariate Normal Block Versus a Principal Components Approach: Competing Strategies for Multiple Testing in a Genome-wide Case-control Association Framework
          Arunabha Majumdar and Saurabh Ghosh
  • Unconstrained Bayesian Model Selection on Inverse Correlation Matrices with Application to Sparse Networks
          Nitai D. Mukopadhyay and Sarat C. Dass
  • A Fay-Herriot Type Approach for Better Prediction in Multi-Indexed Response with Application to Arctic Seawater Data Analysis
          Ujjal Mukherjee and Snigdhansu Chatterjee
  • Applications of Sufficient Dimension Reduction Algorithms on Non-elliptical Data
          Andreas Artemiou
  • Bayesian Multiscale Phylogenetics
          Marco A.R. Ferreira and M. Alejandra Jaramillo
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