Vol 68(1)

  • Estimation of Domain Mean using Two Stage Sampling with Sub-sampling of Non-respondents
          Kaustav Aditya, U.C. Sud and Hukum Chandra
  • Development of Out-of-Sample Forecasts Formulae for ARIMAX-GARCH Model and their Application
          Ranjit Kumar Paul, Himadri Ghosh and Prajenshu
  • Web Based Fuzzy C-means Clustering Software (wFCM)
          Alka Arora, Maedeh Zirak Javanmard, Rajni Jain, Sudeep Marwaha and Anshu Bhardwaj
  • Statistical Research Issues in Crop and Cropping System Experiments for Enhancing Food Security Support
          Murari Singh
  • Looking into Measures of Conciousness
          S.D. Sharma
  • Balanced and Unbalanced Response Surface Designs Involving Qualitative Factors under Split-plot
          Manohar Aggarwal, Sanjay Roy Chowdhury, Anita Bansal and Archana Verma
  • Web Based Sample Selection for Survey Data
          S.B. Lal, Anu Sharma, Hukum Chandra and Anil Rai
  • Hindi Supplement
  • Other Publications
  • A Generalized Approach on Ranked Set Sampling Theory for Large Set Size
          Girish Chandra, Neeraj Tiwari and Sawal Kishore Singh
  • Market Integration and Volatility in Edible Oil Sector in India
          C. Sundaramoorthy, Girish K. Jha, Suresh Pal and V.C. Mathur
  • On a Bivariate Version of Alternative Hyper-Poisson Distribution
          C. Satheesh Kumar and B. Unnikrishnan Nair
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