Vol 67(3)

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  • Estimation of Population Mean using Known Coefficient of Variation
          Sheela Misra, R. Karan Singh and Archana Shukla
  • Panel Rotation with General Sampling Schemes
          Arijit Chaudhuri
  • Two Stage Sampling with Two-Phases at the Second Stage of Sampling for Estimation of Finite Population Mean under Random Response Mechanism
          U.C. Sud, Kaustav Aditya, Hukum Chandra and Rajender Prasad
  • Wavelet Frequency Domain Approach for Modeling and Forecasting of Indian Monsoon Rainfall Time-Series Data
          Ranjit Kumar Paul, Prajenshu and Himadri Ghosh
  • Calibration Estimator of Population Total with Sub-sampling of Non-respondents
          Rohan Kumar Raman, U.C. Sud, Hukum Chandra and V.K. Gupta
  • Balanced Ternary, Ternary Group Divisible and Nested Ternary Group Divisible Designs
          H. L. Sharma, R.N. Singh and Roshni Tiwari
  • Variance Estimation using Jackknife Method in Ranked Set Sampling under Finite Population Framework
          Ankur Biswas, Tauqeer Ahmad and Anil Rai
  • Bayesian Prediction in Spatial Small Area Models
          Yogita Gharde, Anil Rai and Seema Jaggi
  • Ranked Set Sampling from Finite Population under Randomization Framework
          Anil Rai and Praveen Krishana
  • Markov Chain Based Crop Forecast Modeling Software
          Ram Manohar Patel, R.C. Goyal, V. Ramasubramaniam and Sudeep Marwaha
  • WBSTFP: Software for TFP Computation in Agriculture
          Rajni Jain, A.K.M. Samimul Alam and Alka Arora
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