Vol 67(1)

  • Diseases and Pests Identification in Maize - A Multilingual Scenario
          Sudeep Marwaha, Punam Bedi and V.K. Yadav
  • Cashew Kernel Classification Using Machine Learning Approaches
          J. Ashok Kumar, P.R. Rao and A.R. Desai
  • Hindi Supplement
  • Preface
  • Predicting Economic Traits in Murrah Buffaloes with Connectionist Models
          A.K. Sharma, D.K. Jain, A.K. Chakravarty, R. Malhotra and A.P. Ruhil
  • Applications of Genetic Algorithms in Agricultural Problems - An Overview
          Avnish Kumar Bhatia
  • A Reputation Based Service Provider Selection System for Delegation of Job by Farmers
          Punam Bedi, Harmeet Kaur and Bhavna Gupta
  • Approach for Mining Multiple Patterns from Clusters
          Rajni Jain and Alka Arora
  • A Supervised Neural Network Model for Predicting Average Summer Monsoon Rainfall in India
          Surajit Chattopadhyay and Goutami Chattopadhyay
  • Preliminary Study on Prediction of Body Weight from Morphometric Measurements of Goats through ANN Models
          A.P. Ruhil, T.V. Raja and R.S. Gandhi
  • Attribution Analysis and Classification of miRNAs
          A.K. Mishra and D.K. Lobiyal
  • Establishment of Castor Core Collection Utilizing Self-Organizing Mapping (SOM) Networks
          C. Sarada and K. Anjani
  • Expert System for Disease Diagnosis in Soybean-ESDDS
          Savita Kolhe, Raj Kamal, Harvinder S. Saini and G.K. Gupta
  • Extracting Concepts using Linguistic Ontology in Agriculture Domain
          Aditi Sharma, Nidhi Malik and Vajenti Mala
  • An Intelligent Semantic Search Engine with Cross Linguistic Support
          S.D. Samantaray
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