Vol 66(3)

  • Estimation and Prediction under Nonignorable Nonresponse via Response and Nonresponse Distributions
          Abdulhakeem A.H. Eideh
  • Studies on Some Preliminary Test Estimators in Double Sampling
          Phrangstone Khongji and Gitasree Das
  • On Small Area Estimation Techniques - An Application in Agriculture
          B.V.S. Sisodia and Anupam Singh
  • Optimum Stratification for Sensitive Quantitative Variables using Auxiliary Information
          Med Ram Verma, Sarjinder Singh and Rajiv Pandey
  • Application of Bayesian Elastic Net and Other Shrinkage Methods in Genomic Selection and QTL Mapping
          Paulino Perez, Gustavo de los Campos, Sussane Dreisigacker, Hector Sanchez-Villeda and Jose Crossa
  • Estimation on Finite Population Variance using Partial Jackknifing
          Sarjinder Singh and Inderjit Singh Grewal
  • D-optimal Designs for an Additive Quadratic Mixture Model with Random Regression Coefficients
          Manisha Pal and Nripes Kumar Mandal
  • Two Stage Sampling for Estimation of Population Mean with Sub-sampling of Non-respondents
          U.C. Sud, Kasutav Aditya, Hukum Chandra and Rajender Prasad
  • Building and Querying Soil Ontology
          Manoranjan Das, P.K. Malhotra, Sudeep Marwaha and R.N. Pandey
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