Vol 66(1)

  • Semiparametric Fay-Herriot Model using Penalized Splines
          C. Giusti, S. Marchetti, M. Pratesi and N. Salvati
  • Small Area Estimation under Additivity Constraints to Published Direct Survey Estimates
          Daniel Elazar
  • Allocating a Limited Budget to Small Areas
          Nicholas T. Longford
  • Use of Spatial Information in Small Area Models for Unemployment Rate Estimation at Sub-provincial Areas in Italy
          Michele D Alo, Loredana Di Consiglio, Stefano Falorsi, M. Giovanna Ranalli and Fabrizio Solari
  • Hierarchical Bayes Small Area Estimates of Adult Literacy using Unmatched Sampling and Linking Models
          Leyla Mohadjer, J.N.K. Rao, Benmei Liu, Tom Krenzke and Wendy Van de Kerckhove
  • County Level Estimation using Data from the U.S. National Resources Inventory
          Pushpal K. Mukhopadhyay, Tapabrata Maiti and Wayne A. Fuller
  • Two Area-Level Time Models for Estimating Small Area Poverty Indicators
          M.D. Esteban, D. Morales, A. Perez and L. Santamaria
  • A Modeling Approach for Uncertainty Assessment of Register-based Small Area Stastics
          L.C. Zhang and J. Fosen
  • Small Area Estimation in Practice: An Application to Agricultural Business Survey Data
          Nikos Tzavidis, Ray Chambers, Nicola Salvati and Hukum Chandra
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  • Fast EB Method for Estimating Complex Poverty Indicators in Large Populations
          Caterina Ferreti and Isabel Molina
  • Inferences on Small Area Populations
          Shijie Chen and P. Lahiri
  • Small Area Poverty Estimation by Model Calibration
          Risto Lehtonem and Ari Veijanem
  • Small Area Methods for Agricultural Data: A Two-Part Geoadditive Model to Estimate the Agrarian Region Level means of the Grapevines Production in Tuscany
          C. Bocci, A. Petrucci and E. Rocco
  • On the Influence of Sampling Design on Small Area Estimates
          Ralf T. Munnich and J. Pablo Burgard
  • Assessment of Zeroes in Survey-Estimated Tables via Small-Area Confidence Bounds
          Eric V. Slud
  • Small Area Estimation for Policy Development: A Case Study of Child Undernutrition in Ghana
          Fiifi Amoako Johnson, Hukum Chandra, James J. Brown and Sabu S. Padmadas
  • Labour Force Status Estimates under a Bivariate Random Components Model
          Ayoub Saei and Alan Taylor
  • Practical Guidelines for Design and Analysis of Sample Surveys for Small Area Estimation
          Stephen Haslett
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