Vol 65(3)

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  • Possibility Theory with an Application to Volatility Estimation
          A. Thavaneswaran and Girish K. Jha
  • Inter District Developmental Disparities on Agriculture in Assam
          Ajanta Nath and Munindra Borah
  • Socio-Economic Development of WSHGs through Aquaculture Activities in Odisha
          Nirupama Panda and K.B. Dutta
  • Compromise Mixed Allocation in Multivariate Stratified Sampling
          Rahul Varshney and M.J. Ahsan
  • Minimum Variance Optimal Controlled Nearest Proportional to Size Sampling Scheme using Multiple Objective Functions
          Neeraj Tiwari and U.C. Sud
  • Resolvable Block Designs for Factorial Experiments with Full Main Effects Efficiency
          V.K. Gupta, A.K. Nigam, Rajender Prasad, L.M. Bhar and Subrat Keshori Behera
  • Probability of Misclassification for Multiple Groups Sample Linear Discriminant Function
          B. Singh
  • M-Estimation in Block Designs
          Ranjit Kumar Paul and Lalmohan Bhar
  • A Systematic Approach for Unequal Allocations under Ranked Set Sampling with Skew Distributions
          Neeraj Tiwari and Girish Chandra
  • Statistical Modeling to Group Villages Based on Soil Parameters
          A. Rajarathinam, A.N. Khokhar, P.R. Vasihnav and S.K. Dixit
  • Model-Based Direct vs Indirect Estimators for Small Areas
          Hukum Chandra
  • Rule Promotion: A New Fuzzy-logic Approach for Drawing the Inferences in Rule-based Expert Systems
          Savita Kolhe, Raj Kamal, Harvinder S. Saini and G.K. Gupta
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