Vol 65(2)

  • A Comparison Study of Some Competing Discrete Models for Proportions or Counts, with Applications to Biological Data
          Krsihna K. Saha
  • Kernel Density Estimation for Size-based Sample under Multiplicative Censoring
          Mohammed Abbaszadeh and Hassan Doosti
  • Some Observations on Novel Statistical Issues in Analysis of High Dimensional Problems of Inference about Genes
          Ritabrata Dutta and Jayanta K. Ghosh
  • Generalized Benajmini-Hochberg Procedures using Spacings
          Debashis Ghosh
  • On the Construction of Two-Level Fractional Factorial Designs when Some Combinations are Debarred
          Aloke Dey
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  • Multi-trait Multi-Einvironment Genome-wide Molecular Marker Selection Indices
          Jose Crossa and J. Jesus Ceron-Rojas
  • On Linear Wavelet Density Estimation: Some Recent Develpoments
          Yogendra P. Chaubey, Christpohe Chesneau and Hassan Doosti
  • GCE Biplot vs AMMI Graph for Genotype-by-Envirnment Data Analysis
          Weikai Yan
  • Optimal Transect Sampling Designs: Are Straight Transects Always Best?
          Roger L. Bilisoly and Sean A. McKenna
  • Simulation Modeling in Crop Breeding
          Jiankang Wang
  • Methodology for Combining Linear and Nonlinear Time-Series Models for Cyclical Data
          Himadri Ghosh, Bishal Gurung and Prajneshu
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  • Managing Genotype X Environment Interaction in Plant Breeding Programs: A Selection Theory Approach
          G.N. Atlin, K. Kleinknecht, K.P. Singh and H.P, Piepho
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