Vol 65(1)

  • A Class of Accelerated Life Testing Models Based on the Gamma Distribution
          Debaraj Sen and Yogendra P. Chaubey
  • Statistics and Inclusive Growth
          A.K. Nigam
  • Data Matrices, Entropy and Applications
          Kalyan B. Sinha
  • Multi-Response and Non-Traditional Experiments
          S.P. Mukherjee
  • Measuring Market Efficiency of Regulated Markets for Effective Performance in Tamil Nadu
          K. Govindrajan and T.R. Shanmugam
  • Book Review
  • Hindi Supplement
  • Other Publications
  • Contents
  • Inner Title
  • Pattern of Regional Disparities in Socio-Economic Develpment in West Bengal
          Prem Narain, V.K. Bhatia and S.C. Rai
  • Review of Activities
  • Abstract
  • Symposiums
  • Mitigating Autocorrelation in Richards Growth Model Analysis using Incremental Growth Data with Application to Turkey Growth
          James H. Matis, Kaes T. Mohammed and Muhammed J. Al-Muhammed
  • Estimation of District Level Poor Households in the State of Uttar Pradesh in India by Combining NSSO Survey and Census Data
          Hukum Chandra, U.C. Sud and Nicola Salvati
  • Optimal Designs for Multi-Response Mixture Experiments
          Poonam Singh and Mahesh Kumar Panda
  • Associating Risk Factors with Farm Injuries using Classification Tree
          Shande Chen, Karan P. Singh, Sejong Bae and Alfred A. Bartolucci
  • PERMISnet-II: Personnel Management Information System Network-II for the Indian Council of Agricultural Research
          Mohammad Samir Farooqi, Alka Arora, Shashi Dahiya, Anil Rai and Balbir Singh
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