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  • Analysis of Balanced Incomplete Block Design with Mixed-up Plots
          Prabha George and P. Yageen Thomas
  • Phenotypic and Genetic Variability of Estimated Growth Curve Parametrs in Pigs
          M.G. Kundu and A.K. Paul
  • Soil Fertility Mapping and its Validation using Spatial Prediction Techniques
          K.N. Singh, Abhishek Rathore, A.K. Tripathi, A. Subha Rao and Salman Khan
  • Application of Genetic Algorithm for Fitting Self-Exciting Threshold Autoregressive Nonlinear Time-series Model
          M.A. Iquebal, Himadri Ghosh and Prajenshu
  • A π ps Sampling Scheme
          Padam Singh and Divya Dwevedi
  • On the Use of Super-Population Model in Two-Occasion Rotation Patterns
          G.N. Singh and Jayshree Prahba Karna
  • Use of Imputation Methods in Two-Occasion Successive Sampling
          G.N. Singh and Priyanka
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  • Domain Estimation in the Presence of Non-Response
          U.C. Sud, Hukum Chandra and Raj S. Chhikara
  • Small Area Estimation with Binary Variables
          Hukum Chandra
  • Tables of Optimum Covariate Designs in PBIBD Set-ups
          Ganesh Dutta, Premadhis Das and Nripes K. Mandal
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