Vol 64(1)

  • Efficient Row Column Designs for Microarray Experiments
          Ananta Sarkar, Rajender Prasad, V.K. Gupta, Kashinath Chatterrjee and Abhishek Rathore
  • Statistical Genomics for Crop Improvement: Opportunities and Challenges
          B.M. Prasanna
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  • Information Based Agglomerative Segmentation in Metric Spaces
          Francesca Chiaromonte and James Taylor
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  • Analysis of Correlated Gene Expression Data on Ordered Categories
          Shyamal D. Peddada, Shawn F. Harris and Ori Davidov
  • Bayesian Hierarchical Models to Identify Quantitative Trait Loci using Replicated Lines
          Susan J. Simmons, Ann E. Stapleton, Fang Fang, Qijun Fang and Karl Ricanek
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  • Lassoing Mixtures with Applications to Proteomic Mass Spectroscopy Analysis
          Guan Xing and J. Sunil Rao
  • Hindi Supplement
          Suresh Chandra Rai
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  • Resolving Isoform Expression using Digital Gene Expression Data
          Naomi S. Altman, Qingyu Wang, Vishesh Karwa and Aleksandra Slavkovic
  • Differential Meta-Analysis for Testing the Relative Importance of Two Competing Null Hypotheses over Multiple Experiments
          Mehmet Kocak, Gaalin Zheng, Giri Narsimhan, E. Olusegun George and Saumyadipta Pyne
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