Vol 62(2)

  • Canonical Efficiency Factors and Related Issues Revisited
          Aloke Dey
  • Optimum Mixture Designs: A Psuedo-Bayesian Approach
          Nripes K. Mandal, Manisha Pal, Bikas K, Sinha and Premadhis Das
  • Computer-Generated Efficient Two-Level Supersaturated Designs
          V.K. Gupta, Rajender Prasad, Basudev Kole, Lalmohan Bhar
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  • Using Ring Theory to Construct Complete Sets of Sums of Squares Orthogonal F-Squares and Latin Squares
          Walter T. Federer, Hosh Pesotan and B. Leo Raktoe
  • Some Statistical Issues Concerning Allopathic Drugs for Degenerative Diseases
          J.N. Srivastava
  • Application of Experimental Designs in Survey Sampling
          J.N.K. Rao and K. Vijayan
  • Non-existence of Affine α-Resolvable Triangular Designs under 1≤α≤10
          Sanpei Kageyama
  • Statistico-Genetic Considerations in Longitudinal Data Analysis
          Prem Narain
  • On Estimating the Ratio of Proportions of Two Categories of a Population using Auxiliary Information
          Sat Gupta and Javid Shabbir
  • Analysis of Supersaturated Designs: A Review
          Sudhir Gupta and Priya Kohli
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