Vol 61(1)

  • Hindi Supplement
          Suresh Chandra Rai
  • Shrinkage Estimation of Proportion Processing Stigmatizing Character in Unrelated Question Randomized Response Technique
          Housila P. Singh, S. Shukla and N. Mathur
  • Optimum Stratification for PPS Sampling using Auxiliary Information
          Med Ram Verma and S.E.H Rizvi
  • Optimal Fractional Factorial Plans using Projective Geometry
          M.L. Aggarwal, Lih-Yuan Deng and Mukta Datta Mazumder
  • Estimation of Location and Scale Parameters of Pearson Type 1 Family of Distributions
          N.K. Sanjeevkumar, P. Yageen Thomas and Philip Samuel
  • Construction of Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Designs through Unreduced Balanced Incomplete Block Designs
          Vijayaraghava Kumar
  • Announcement
  • SPRMD - A Statistical Package for Cataloging and Generation of Repeated Measurement Designs
          Anu Sharma, Cini Varghese, A.R. Rap, V.K. Gupta, Soumen Pal
  • A New Sequential Estimator for ZIP Regression Model
          A.R.S Bhatta, K. Aruna Rao
  • Guidelines
  • Other Publications
  • A Note on Unrelated Question Randomized Response Model
          Raghunath Arnab and Sajinder Singh
  • Statistical Investigation on Cultural cum Manurial Experiments
          Rajendra Kumar, J.K. Kapoor, and N.P. Singh
  • Comparative Evaluation of Clustering Techniques for Establishing AFLP Based Genetic Relationship among Sugarcane Cultivars
          Ramesh Kolluru, A.R. Rao, V.T. Prabhakaran, A. Selvi and T. Mohapatra
  • Statistical Model for Forecasting Milk Production in India
          Satya Pal, Ramasubramaniam V. and S.C. Mehta
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