Vol 59(1)

  • Abstract
  • Announcement
  • A Computer Software for PBIB(3) Designs and Partial Diallel Crosses
          Anu Sharma, Cini Varghese, Seema Jaggi and V.K. Sharma
  • Use ofAMMI in Simultaneous Selection of Genotypes for Yield and Stability
          A.R. Rao and V.T. Prabhakaran
  • Robustness of Optimal Block Designs for Triallel Cross Experiments Against Interchange ofA Pair of Crosses
          D.K. Panda, Y.K. Sharma and Rajender Parsad
  • Guidelines
  • Hindi Supplement
          Suresh Chandra Rai
  • Three Symbol Partially Balanced Arrays of Strength (2m +1)
          H. L. Sharma
  • Application of Balanced Lattice Designs in CDC System IV
          M.K. Sharma
  • Quality Aspects of Crop Statistics in India-Problems and Prospects
          M. Neelakantan
  • Other Publications
  • Estimation of Socio-Economic Development of Different Districts in Kerala
          Prem Narain, S.D. Sharma, S.C. Rai and VK. Bhatia
  • Review of Activities
  • Contribution of the National Sample Survey to Indian Agricultural Statistics
          S. Ray
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