Vol 58(3)

  • CATANOVA for Analysis of Nominal Data from Repeated Measures Design
          B. Singh
  • A Study on Association of Combined Effect of Rainfall Patterns on Crop Yields
          B.S. Kulkarni, T. Sreenivasa Rao and G. Krishna Kanth
  • Condolence
  • Statistical Validation of Yield Prediction Model Based on Satellite Data
          F. Abdellani and J.F. Chamayou
  • Guidelines
  • Hindi Supplement
          Suresh Chandra Rai
  • Other Publications
  • An Alternative Method of Optimum Stratification for Scrambled Response
          P.K. Mahajan and M.R. Verma
  • Double Sampling for Ratio Estimation with Non-response
          Rifat Tabasum and LA. Khan
  • On Non-response in Sampling on Two Occasions
          R.K. Chaudhary, H.V.L. Bathla and U.C. Sud
  • Statistical Package for Factorial Experiments (SPFE) 1.0
          Sangeeta Ahuja, Rajender Parsad, V.K. Gupta and P.K. Malhotra
  • Bayesian Estimation of Heritability in Animal Breeding Experiments Under 2-way Nested Classification
          Sanjeev Kumar, A.R. Rao and V.K. Bhatia
  • Unequal Probability Sampling with Nonzero Intercept
          S.J. Amdekar
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