Vol 57(SV)

  • Editorial Note
  • On an Extension of the Theory of Coalescents to Populations with Two Sexes
          Edward Pollak
  • On the Choice of Genotype Using Location Specific Information When Stability Variances are Heterogeneous
          G.K. Shukla
  • Agricultural Statistics -Data Availability, Requirements and Gaps from the Perspective of National Accounts Statistics
          A.C. Kulshreshtha
  • Circulant Designs: Critical Review and New Insights
          A.S. Arya and Prawin Arya
  • Computer Aided Construction and Analysis of Augmented Designs
          Abhishek Rathore, Rajender Pars ad and V.K. Gupta
  • Assessing the Similarity between Neighboring Watersheds and Evaluating the Effect of Watershed Size on Conditional Entropy Profiles
          Amy C. Bumicki, G.P. Patil, and Charles Taillie
  • Unbiased Variance Estimation on Sub-sampling from a Varying Probability Sample
          Arijit Chaudhuri
  • Designs for Diallel Cross Experiments with Specific Combining Abilities
          Ashish Das and Aloke Dey
  • On Some Inequalities for N-demimartingales
          B.L.S. Prakasa Rao
  • Statistical Tools in Molecular Plant Breeding
          B.M. Prasanna
  • On Composite Estimation in Repeated Surveys Under Super Population Model
          B.V.S. Sisodia and Abhishek Singh
  • Food Security, Early Warning and Agricultural Statistics
          Bal B.P.S. Goel
  • Editorial Note
  • Guidelines
  • First (?) Occurrence of Common Terms in Agricultural Statistics, with Help from JSTOR
          H.A. David
  • Hindi Supplement
          Suresh Chandra Rai
  • Heteroskedasticity and Structural Models for Variances
          Jean-Louis Foulley, Daniel Sorensen
  • Small Area Estimation with Applications to Agriculture
          J.N.K. Rao
  • Computer Technology and Statistics
          Jagdish S. Rustagi
  • Computation of Growth Rates in Agriculture: Nonparametric Regression Approach
          KP. Chandran and Prajneshu
  • Estimation of Woman Labour in Animal Husbandry Activities
          K.C. Raut
  • List of Contributors
  • List of Publications
  • Statistical Modelling and Forecasting of Powdery Mildews Affecting Agricultural Crops: An Overview
          P. Sinha, Prajneshu and A.Varma
  • Calorie Norm and Calorie Deficiency
          Padam Singh and Anil Kumar
  • Diabetes and Quality of Life: Statistical Perspectives
          Pranab K. Sen
  • Robust Method of Estimation of Heritability
          P. Sandhya Kiran. V.K. Bhatia and A.R. Rao
  • Other Publications
  • Application of Remote Sensing Technology for Crop Yield Estimation
          Randhir Singh
  • Sample Size for Collecting Plant Diversity
          R.L. Sapra
  • Prospects for Statistical Methods in Animal Breeding
          Robin Thompson and Esa Mantysaari
  • Application of Spatial Variability Models in Enhancing Precision and Efficiency of Selection in Chickpea Trials
          R. S. Malhotra, M. Singh and W. Erskine
  • Prof. Prem Narain· An Eminent Scientist
          R.S. Paroda
  • Dimensions of Regional Disparities in Socio-Economic Development of Assam
          S.C. Rai and V.K. Bhatia
  • Small Area Crop Estimation Methodology for Crop Yield Estimates at Gram Panchayat Level
          S.D. Sharma, A.K. Srivastava and U.C. Sud
  • Crop Insurance in India -A Brief Review
          Shivtar Singh
  • Confounded Cross-over Designs for Factorial Experiments
          Sudhir Gupta and Sourav Santra
  • Heterogeneity of Genetic and Environmental Variance of Quantitative Traits
          William G. Hill
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