Vol 56(2)

  • Estimation of Heritability Using Some Auxiliary Traits in Dairy Cattle
          Amrit Kumar Paul and V.K. Bhatia
  • Bias in the Estimates of Sensitivity from Incomplete G x E Tables
          B.M.K. Raju and V.K. Bhatia
  • Guidelines
  • Guidelines
  • Hindi Supplement
          Suresh Chandra Rai
  • Modified Optional Randomized Response Sampling Techniques
          Housila P. Singh and Nidhi Mathur
  • Robustness of Youden Square Designs Against Missing Data
          Krishan Lal, V.K. Gupta and Lalmohan Bhar
  • Study of Outliers Under Variance-inflation Model in Experimental Designs
          Lalmohan Bhar and V.K. Gupta
  • News
  • Other Publications
  • Two Stage Successive Sampling with Partial Replacements of Units
          R.C. Gola and Anil Rai
  • Robust Second Order Rotatable Designs: Part III (RSORD)
          Rabindra Nath Das
  • Use of Satellite Data and Farmers Eye Estimate for Crop Yield Modelling
          Randhir Singh
  • Wheat Yield Modelling Using Remote Sensing and Agrometeorological Data in Haryana State
          Urmil Verma, D.S. Ruhal, R.S. Hooda , Manoj Yadav, A.P. Khera, C.P. Singh, M.H. Kalubarme and LS. Hooda
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