Vol 53(2)

  • Empirical Comparison of Different Methods of Estimation of Heritability of Stayability in Dairy Cattle
          Amrit Kumar Paul and V.K. Bhatia
  • Threshold Autoregressive Model for a Time Series Data
          C. Kesavan Nampoothiri and N. Balakrishna
  • On Totally Balanced Change-over Designs
          Cini Varghese and V.K. Sharma
  • Guidelines
  • Methodological Investigation on Post-harvest Losses
          H.C. Gupta, Jagbir Singh and O.P. Kathuria
  • Temporal Variance-Mean Relationships for Logarithmic-transfonned Insect Catches in Light Trap Samples Adjusted for Lunar Phases
          Sujata Mukherjee and Joe N. Perry
  • Estimation of Population Mean in Repeat Surveys in the Presence of Measurement Errors
          U.C. Sud and A.K. Srivastava
  • Regression Estimators from Survey Data for Small Sample Sizes
          Y.K. Sharma, Randhir Singh, Anil Rai and S.S. Verma
  • Hindi Supplement
          Suresh Chandra Rai
  • Diagonal Systematic Sampling Scheme for Finite Populations
          J. Subramani
  • An Unbiased Estimator in Two-phase Sampling Using Two Auxiliary Variables
          M. Dalabehera and L.N. Sahoo
  • Estimation of Plot Size in Split-Split Plot Design
          Md. Saiful Islam, Kalipada Sen, Kamal Rahim and Md. Yusuf Ali
  • Other Publications
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