Vol 53(1)

  • Hindi Supplement
          Suresh Chandra Rai
  • News
  • Regional Disparities in Socio-Economic Development in Tamil Nadu
          Prem Narain, S.D. Shanna, S.C. Rai and V.K. Bhatia
  • Pella-Tomlinson Nonlinear Statistical Model with Autocorrelated Errors
          R. Venugopalan and Prajneshu
  • Review of Activities
  • Proceedings of the Symposium on Statistical Methodology for Agroforestry Research
  • Outlier Robust Finite Population Estimation under a Linear Regression Model
          A.K. Srivastava and V. Geethalakshmi
  • Proceedings of the Symposium on Applications of GIS for AgricuIture and Rural Development
  • Abstract
  • The Common Principal Components Approach for Clustering under Multiple Sampling
          B.S. Kulkami and G. Nageswara Rao
  • Condolence
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