Vol 52(3)

  • A Class of Unbiased Estimators in Cluster Sampling
          Rajesh Singh and Housila P. Singh
  • Estimation From a Bivariate Population Using Cluster or Two Stage Sampling
          Randhir Singh
  • The Status of Livestock Statistics in India
          S.N. Mishra
  • A Comparison Between Biased and Unbiased Regression Estimators of a Finite Population Mean
          S. Sengupta and S.K. Pradhan
  • Estimation of the Coefficient of Determination Using Scrambled Responses
          Sarjinder Singh and M.L. King
  • Announcement
  • Indian System of Crop Production Statistics: Will the Cracks Pull Down the Edifice?
          B.S. Minhas
  • Guidelines
  • Hindi Supplement
          Suresh Chandra Rai
  • Estimation of Measurement Errors Due to Enumerators and Respondents Simultaneously
          K.N. Singh and Randhir Singh
  • A Predictive Regression-type Estimator in Two-stage Sampling
          L.N. Sahoo and Pournamasi Panda
  • Use of Statistics and Computer for Agricultural Research and Development
          M.N. Das
  • Efficient Estimators for Small Domains
          M.C. Agrawal and D.C. Roy
  • Other Publications
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