Vol 52(2)

  • On the Relative Efficiency of Certain Randomized Response Strategies
          Manoj Bhargava and Ravindra Singh
  • Efficiency of a Class of Unbiased Ratio-type Estimators Under a Linear Model
          Arun K. Singh and Housila P. Singh
  • A Comparison of Conventional and Restricted Estimators of Heritability in HalfˇSib Model
          B. Singh
  • Markov Chain Model for Rainfall Occurrence
          D.R. Aneja and O.P. Srivastava
  • Hindi Supplement
          Suresh Chandra Rai
  • On Two Almost Unbiased Product Estimators
          J. Sahoo and L.N. Sahoo
  • A Predictive Justification for Variance Estimation Using Auxiliary Information
          M.C. Agrawal and K.B. Panda
  • Unbiased Estimation of Square of Population Regression Coefficient and its Application in the Estimation of Variance of Intra-sire Regression Heritability Coefficient
          Denick S. Tracy and Housila P. Singh
  • New Sampling Procedure
          N.Z. Razvi and M.N. Deshpande
  • On Ascertaining Superiority of Without Replacement Sampling Over With Replacement Sampling With Unequal Probabilities
          Pranesh Kumar and Nihan Kesim
  • Other Publications
  • A Class of Estimators of K and B in Finite Populations
          S.M.H. Zaidi, R. Karan Singh and Qamar Haider
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