Vol 51(2-3)

  • Editorial Notes
  • System of Crop Forecasting-Status, Problems and Prospects
          G.S. Ram
  • Guidelines
  • Hindi Supplement
          Suresh Chandra Rai
  • Identifying the Poor Using Binary Classifiers
          J. Roy and C.H. Sastry
  • Crop Yield and Acreage Statistics for Small Areas
          B.D. Tikkiwal and G.C. Tikkiwal
  • Efficiencies of Certain Test Statistics Against Two-State Markov Chain
          B.N. Singh
  • Agricultural Statistics Research in India
          Bal BPS Goel and HVL Bathla
  • Further Versions of the Convolution Equation
          C. Radhakrishna Rao and D.N. Shanbhag
  • Modelling Progress of Fungal Attack on Groundnut
          C.D. Mayee, Anita Shah, S.A. Paranjpe and A.P. Gore
  • Editorial Notes
  • Whither Agricultural Statistics?
          J.S. Sarma
  • Other Publications
  • A Brief Reminiscence
          R.D. Narain
  • A Note on Sukhatmes Influence on Development of Statistical Methods in Animal Science Research
          V.K. Bhatia and P. Narain
  • Estimation of Parameters in Survey Sampling
          V.P. Godambe
  • Prof. Sukhatmes Philosophy of Social Change, Rural Development and Education
          Vijay V. Kulkarni
  • Regression Adjustments for Nonresponse
          Wayne A. Fuller and Anthony B. An
  • On the Usage in Agricultural Statistics of the New Class of Estimators, Pre-eminent in Sampling Theory
          J.N. Srivastava
  • On Utilisation of Sample Registration Areas for Improving the Quality of Agricultural and Allied Statistics
          K.C. Seal
  • On Certain Statistical Issues Arising from the Use of Energy Requirements in Estimating the Prevalence of Energy Inadequacy (Undernutrition)
          L. Naiken
  • List of Contributors
  • List of Publications
  • Classification of Observations Using Distances in Oblique Axes System
  • Population, Environment and Food Security
          M.S. Swaminathan
  • Message
  • Quantitative Trait Loci: Polygenes Revisited and the Future of Animal Breeding
          O. Mayo and I. R. Franklin
  • Africa-A Fertile Ground for Agricultural Statistics Research
          O.P. Kathuria
  • Some Aspects of Techniques for Unbiased Estimation in Sampling from a Finite Population
          Om P. Aggarwal
  • Genetic Relationship Underlying the Intra-Individual Variation in Nutrition Studies
          P. Narain
  • Role of Diet and Non-Diet Factors on Nutritional Status
          Padam Singh
  • P.V. Sukhatme Contributions to Survey Sampling
          Ranjan K. Som
  • An Empirical Study of Ratio-regression Type Estimators
          S.D. Sharma and A.K. Singh
  • Sukhatme and the Exponential Distribution
          S.R. Adke
  • FAO Index Numbers of Agricultural Production
          Salem H. Khamis
  • Intra-Individual Variation-A Manifestation of Homeostasis
          Shobba Rao
  • The Horvitz-Thompson vs. Sen-Yates-Grundy Variance Estimators: Issues in Finite Population Sampling
          Subir Ghosh
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