Vol 50(1)

  • Impact of Agricultural Development on Nutrition: A Perspective Study in Jodhpur and Jaipur Districts
          A.K. Dixit, S.K. Agarwal and Padam Singh
  • Announcements
          Secretary, ISAS
  • Construction of Binary and Non-Binary Variance Balanced Designs
          C.C. Gujarathi and Pravender
  • Guidelines
  • Hindi Supplement
          Suresh Chandra Rai
  • An Approach for Almost Separation of Bias Precipitates
          Housila P. Singh and Raj K. Gangele
  • Estimation of Parametric Functions in Repeat Surveys
          Jagbir Singh and O.P, Kathuria
  • On a New Symmetrical Distribution
          K. Srinivasa Rao, C.V.R.S. Vijaya Kmnar, J.L. Narayana
  • Optimality and Efficiency of Neighbouring Design
          K.N. Ponnuswamy and C. Santharan
  • Estimation of Location and Scale Parameters of U-shaped Distribution
          Philip Sanmel and P. Yageen Thomas
  • Other Publications
  • On a Class of Estimators in Linear Regression Model with Multivariate -t Distributed Error
          R. Karan Singh and Monica Agnihotri
  • Circular Systematic Sampling with Drawback
          S. Ray and M.N. Das
  • Unknown Repeated Trials in Randomized Response Sampling
          Sarjiuder Singh and Anwar H. Joarder
  • General Efficiency Balanced Block Designs with Unequal Block Sizes for Comparing Two Sets of Treatments
          Seema Jaggi. Rajender Parsad and V.K. Gupta
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