Special  Lectures

S.NO. Speaker Topic Conf.No.
1 T.G. Shirname Some aspects of grading and standardisation of agricultural products in India
2 C.V. Raman Science in the countryside
3 D.D. Kosambi Numismatics as a science
4 S.S. Bhatnagar Uses of metals
5 C.H.C. Tippett Why is Statistics so useful ?
6 Frank Yates Statistician in Agriculture
7 John Wishart Influence of agronomic investigations on the science of statistics
8 V.K.R.V. Rao Agriculture and Second Five Year Plan
9 J. Neyman California studies of effectiveness of artificial rain making 10 
10 V. Subrahmanyam A practical approach to our food problem 11 
11 D.G. Karve Cooperative Farming 13 
12 P.V. Sukhatme India's problem of hunger and future needs in food supplies 14 
13 T. Yamauchi Crop Insurance and agricultural reconstruction 15 
14 V.G. Panse Planning for agriculture 15 
15 P.V. Sukhatme Need for re-orienting plan for food production 15 
16 Miss Anna Maria Flores Role of sample surveys in development planning in Mexico 17 
17 P.V. Sukhatme Nutrimetrix and diet in Maharashtra 13 
18 Smt. S.S. Muthu Agricultural Labour in Tamil Nadu 24 
19 P.V. Sukhatme Nutritional allowances, their meaning, use and abuse 25 
20 J.N. Srivastava Optimal factorial designs in agricultural experimentation 28 
21 M.L. Tiku Statistical Outliers 29 
22 J.N. Srivastava Search Designs 30 
23 H.O. Hartley Multiple frame surveys and applications 31 
24 M.S. Randhawa Agricultural production in India, progress and problems 32 
25 M.L. Tiku Exact efficiency of some robust estimators in sample survey 36 
26 Jaya Srivastava NOT AVAILABLE 39 
27 Y.K. Alagh Environmental considerations in agricultural planning in India - agroclimatic planning and land and water development 44 
28 P.V. Sukhatme Why then are our children so small ? 46 
29 D. Raghava Rao Agricultural statistics vis-a-vis statistics 47 
30 C.S.R. Prabhu GISTNIC Public Data base service of NICNET 50 
31 M.N. Das Efficient algorthims to provide computer ready-made to facilitate agricultural experimentation and research 50 
32 Aloke Dey Crossover Designs 58 
33 Bikas K Sinha Multiple Attribute Correlated Binary Response Models and Optimality Issues 64 
34 Kalyan Das Statistical Data Cloning 64