Dr. Rajendra Prasad Memorial Lectures

S.No. Topic Speaker Publication
Mainsprings of agricultural growth  W.D. Hopper
Self-sufficiency in food production: Can India achieve?  P.V. Sukhatme
Vicissitudes of Indian Agricultural Statistics  S. Subramaniam Vol. 19(1), 1967
Rural labour in India  B.N. Datar Vol. 20(1), 1968
Economic growth and agricultural price policy  Ashok Mitra
Perspective of Indian economic development  Pitambar Pant
The story of green revolution in India  C. Subramaniam Vol. 23(1), 1971
Can we face a wide spread drought again without food imports?  M.S. Swaminathan Vol. 24(1), 1972
Scientific agriculture is neutral to scale - the fallacy and the remedy  B. Sivaraman Vol. 25(1), 1973
10  Towards anatomy of unemployment  S.C. Choudhuri Vol. 26(1), 1974
11  Household and unorganised activity in rural economy - challenges for growth and transformation  Tarlok Singh Vol. 27(1), 1975
12  New strategy in animal husbandry  P. Bhattacharya Vol. 27(2), 1975
13  Role of public policy in agriculture in India  A.P. Shinde Vol. 29(1), 1977
14  Some aspects of theory and practice of land reforms  Raj Krishna Vol. 30(1), 1978
15  The economics and agricultural research and development  A.S. Kahlon Vol. 30(2), 1978
16  On analysing agricultural growth  A. Vaidyanathan Vol. 32(1), 1980
17  Making the most of our rural population's potential productivity  V. Kurien Vol. 33(1), 1981
18  Vista for continuous surveys to monitor progress in rural welfare planning  N.G. Ranga
19  Indian Agriculture - Retrospect Prospect  P.K. Bose Vol. 35(1), 1983
20  Antarctica - the unknown continent  S.Z. Qasim Vol. 35(3), 1983
21  Some reflections on agricltural productivity i n eastern India  S.K. Mukherjee Vol. 36(3), 1984
22  Changes in rural poverty in India implications for agricultural growth  C.H. Hanumantha Rao Vol. 38(1), 1986
23  On Biomass Budgets  Madhav Gadgil Vol. 38(3), 1986
24  Land transformation and the role of remote sensing as a technique for mapping and monitoring  B.L. Deekshatulu Vol. 39(3), 1987
25  Perspective in agricultural research and development in India : some issues for analysis and database  N.G.P. Rao Vol. 41(1), 1989
26  Problems and prospects of irrigated agriculture  N.S. Randhawa Vol. 42(1), 1990
27  Sustainable Agriculture  Har Swarup Singh Vol. 42(3), 1990
28  Food and Nutrition : challenges for policy  R. Radhakrishna Vol. 43(3), 1991
29  Interface among Statistics,Cybernetics and Genetics  Prem Narain Vol. 45(1), 1993
30  Diet and Disease  P.V. Sukhatme Vol. 46(1), 1994
31  Higher education in India:  K. Gopalan Vol. 47(1), 1995
32  Agricultural Research and Education in the changing world order  R.S. Paroda Vol. 48(1), 1996
33  Agriculture in the Nineth Plan  Y.K. Alagh Vol. 48(3), 1996
34  Food, Security and Poverty  S.R. Hashim Vol. 50(3), 1997
35  Towards an Evergreen Revolution: The Genetic Path  R.B. Singh Vol. 52(1), 1999
36  Indian System of Crop Production Statistics : Will the Cracks pull down the edifice ?  B.S. Minhas Vol. 52(3), 1999
37  The Lecture on Agricultural Planning (delivered in Hindi)  Sompal Shastri
38  Mechanization in Agriculture and On-Farm Agro-Processing  Anwar Alam Vol. 55(1), 2002
39  Statistics in the Computer Age  J.S. Rustagi
40  Indian Agricultural Development in Changing Scenario - Past, Present and Future  Panjab Singh Vol. 58(1), 2004
41  Implications of Changing Global Economic Situation and need to have Data Based Intelligence System  S. Nagarajan
42  Technologies for Sustainable Development of Agriculture  Mangala Rai
43  Globalization and Current Crisis in Indian Agriculture  GS Bhalla
44  Reflections on Planning in India  Pronab Sen Vol.61(3), 2007
45  Role of Higher Education for Rural Empowerment  KC Reddy
46  Food and Nutrition Security in India : Some Contemporary Issues  HS Gupta Vol.63(3), 2009
47  Data Matrices, Entropy and Applications  Kalyan B Sinha Vol.65(1), 2011
48  India?s Space Research Programme in relation to Indian Agriculture   K Kasturirangan
49    Abhjit Sen
50  Genetic Diversity in Indian Population and its Health Implications  Lalji Singh