Dr. V.G. Panse Memorial Lectures

S.No. Topic Speaker Publication
Malnutrition in India  P.V. Sukhatme Vol. 25( 2), 1973
New Challenges before the Indian Agriculture.  V.K.R.V. Rao Vol. 26(1),1974
Design of experiments for estimation of increased crop yield due to their bee-pollination  G.B. Deodikar Vol. 27( 1),1975
A historical perspective of the recent development in the theory of sampling  V.P. Godambe Vol. 28( 1),1976
Mainsprings of agricultural growth in India  V.S. Vyas Vol. 29( 2),1977
Project formulation: need for a database  P.K. Mukherjee Vol. 31(1),1979
Agricultural growth: Changing research and data needs for effective policy.  John W. Mellor Vol. 32(1),1980
Agricultural growth in India and South East Asia: comparative growth performance.  R.N. Poduwal Vol. 33(2),1981
The agrarian prospects in India  Manmohan Singh Vol. 36(3),1984
10  Tables and diagrams: Will they help or hinder  D.J. Finney Vol. 38(1), 986
11  Role of standardization in the agricultural development of India  B.N. Singh Vol. 38(3),1986
12  Teaching of Statistics and statistical computing.  J.S. Rustagi Vol. 39(2),1987
13  Biometry in frontier sciences  B.R. Murty Vol. 41(3),1989
14  Issues and themes in growth of fertilizer use in India: an agenda for further research and future policies.  Gunvant M.Desai Vol. 43(1), 1991
15  Energy strategies and population problem in India  P.K. Bose Vol. 46(1),1994
16  Area, output and yield of coconut trees in Kerala.  K.N. Raj Vol. 47(1), 1995
17  How much of our foodgrain is fed to livestock and poultry.  J.S. Sarma Vol. 48(1), 1996
18  Validity and reliability of statistical procedures.  G.R. Seth Vol. 48( 3), 1996
19  Contributions of Statistics for Applied Research and National Development  M.N. Das Vol. 50(3), 1997
20  Rural Poverty  T.R. Puri Vol. 52(1), 1999
21  The Status of Livestock Statistics in India  S.N. Mishra Vol. 52(3), 1999
22  Era of Information : Relevance of Basics in Statistics  Padam Singh Vol. 53(3), 2000
23  Agricultural Surveys in India - Some Thoughts  Bal BPS Goel Vol. 55(1), 2002
24  Estimation of Crop Yields Revisited  Prem Narain Vol. 55(3), 2002
25  Consumption of Electric Energy in Agriculture - Some Facts  B.N. Tyagi Vol. 58(1), 2004
26  Quality Aspects of Crop Statistics in India -Problems and Prospects  M. Neelakantan Vol.59(1), 2005
27  Research priorities in livestock statistics  K.C. raut Vol. 60(1), 2006
28  Understanding and combating undernutrition  A.K. Nigam Vol. 61(2), 2007
29  Small Area Estimation - A Perspective and Some Application  A.K. Srivastava Vol. 63(1), 2009
30  Thoughts on some applied statistical techniques requiring attention in Indain agriculture  K.C. Seal Vol. 63(1), 2009
31  A Reflection on the Choice of Covariates in the Planning of Experimental Designs  Bikas K Sinha Vol. 63(3), 2009
32  Analysis of Experiments with Multiple and Non-traditional Responses  S. P. Mukherjee Vol. 65(1), 2011
33  Recent Developments in Fractional Factorial Designs  Aloke Dey
34  Design and Analysis of Experments for Crop Variety Trials: Current Approaches and Future Perspectives   Murari Singh
35  Looking into Measures of Comsciousness   SD Sharma