Journal Volume: 60      No.: 2     Year: 2006
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1 Assessment of Sensitivity with Incomplete Data
Author: B.M.K. Raju, V.K. Bhatia and V.V. Sumanth Kumar      Pages: 118-125
2 Hindi Supplement
Author: Suresh Chandra Rai      Pages: 4
3 Combined Intra-Inter Unit Analysis of Crossover Designs and Related Optimality Results
Author: Mausumi Bose and Aloke Dey      Pages: 144-150
4 Efficient Response Surface Designs with Quantitative and Qualitative Factors
Author: M.L. Aggarwal, S. Roy Chowdhury, Anita Bansal, Neena Mital      Pages: 90-99
5 Lattice Sampling without Sample Size Restriction
Author: Neeraj Tiwari      Pages: 85-89
6 News
Author: ISAS      Pages: 1
7 Estimation of Variance Components when Errors are Correlated by Autoregressive of Order One
Author: N. Okendro Singh, V.K. Bhatia and A.K. Paul      Pages: 126-130
8 Other Publications
Author: ISAS      Pages: 1
9 Spatial Sampling Procedures for Agricultural Surveys using Geographical Information System
Author: Prachi Misra Sahoo, Randhir Singh and Anil Rai      Pages: 134-143
10 A Note on Semi-Latin Squares
Author: Rajender Parsad      Pages: 131-133
11 Plant Genetic Resources Passport Information Management System (PGRPIMS)
Author: R.C. Agrawal and Innaiah Pudota      Pages: 100-137
12 Estimation of Finite Population Mean using Ranked Set Two Stage Sampling Designs
Author: U.C. Sud and Dwijesh Chandra Mishra      Pages: 108-117