Journal Volume: 56      No.: 3     Year: 2003
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1 Comparison of Various Measures of Stability with Respect to Ranking Ability under Varying Situations
Author: B.M.K. Raju and V.K. Bhatia      Pages: 276-293
2 On the Improvement of Product Method of Estimation in Sample Surveys
Author: G.N. Singh      Pages: 267-275
3 Hindi Supplement
Author: Suresh Chandra Rai      Pages: 6
4 Analysis of Intercropping Experiments using Experiments with Mixtures Methodology
Author: J.S. Dhekale, Rajender Parsad and V.K. Gupta      Pages: 260-266
5 Post Stratified Estimator in Two Stage Design using Auxiliary Information
Author: M.S. Narang, P.C. Mehrotra and A.K. Bhatia      Pages: 222-229
6 Sampling Distributions of Heritability
Author: P. Sandhya Kiran, V.K. Bhatia and A.R. Rao      Pages: 294-301
7 Designs for One-sided Neighbour Effects
Author: R.A. Bailey      Pages: 302-314
8 A Note on Analysis of Lactation Curves for Unequal Lactation Lengths
Author: Rajendra Singh, Krishan Lal and Thomas B. Farver      Pages: 253-259
9 On the Estimation of Total, Mean and Distribution Function using Two-Phase Sampling: Calibration Approach
Author: Sarjinder Singh and Sergio Martinez Puertas      Pages: 237-252
10 Estimation of Variance in Normal Population
Author: Sharad Bhatnagar      Pages: 230-236
11 The Class of Unbiased Dual to Ratio Estimators
Author: Virendra P. Singh      Pages: 211-221