Journal Volume: 49      No.: Golden Jubilee No.     Year: 1996-97
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1 Editorial Notes
Author: Aloke Dey, V.K. Gupta, V.K. Bhatia, A.K. Srivastava      Pages: 1
2 Intra-Individual Variation in Energy Requirement and its Genetic Significance
Author: P.V. Sukhatme and P. Narain      Pages: 1-10
3 Temporal or Spatial Repetition
Author: David J. Finney      Pages: 11-20
4 Optimal Estimation in a Causal Framework
Author: V.P. Godambe and M.E. Thompson      Pages: 21-46
5 On the Calculation of the Effective Population Size by a Method based on the Theory of Branching Processes
Author: E. Pollak      Pages: 47-66
6 Generalized Inverses and Ranks of Modified Matrices
Author: David A. Harville      Pages: 67-78
7 Two-phase Estimation by Imputation
Author: F. Jay Breidt, Anita McVey and Wayne A. Fuller      Pages: 79-90
8 Some Applications of Concomitants of Order Statistics
Author: H.A. David      Pages: 91-98
9 Nested Directed BIB Designs with Block Size Three or Four
Author: Sanpei Kageyama and Ying Miao      Pages: 99-110
10 Some Examples of Nonidentifiable Improper Posteriors
Author: Malay Ghosh      Pages: 111-118
11 On the Extremum Principle of Natural Selection with Inbreeding
Author: P. Narain      Pages: 119-130
12 Estimating Small Domain Means on Borrowing Strength across Time and Similar Domains - A Case Study
Author: Arijit Chaudhuri and Tapabrata Maiti      Pages: 131-138
13 Using Density-Dependent Birth-Death Migration Models for Analyzing Muskrat Spread in the Netherlands
Author: James H. Matis, Thomas R. Kiffe and P.R. Parthasarathy      Pages: 139-156
14 A Group-Theoretic Approach to Generalized Bahadur Expansion for Joint Probability Densities
Author: K.R. Parthasarathy      Pages: 157-166
15 D-optimal Design Measures for Parallel Line Assays with Application to Exact Designs
Author: Rahul Mukerjee      Pages: 167-176
16 Test of Hypotheses based on Cross-Validation for Non-nested Linear Regression Models
Author: G.K. Shukla and Nisha Bawa      Pages: 177-188
17 Adjusting for Auxiliary Information while Estimating Finite Population Parameters
Author: Debapriya Sengupta      Pages: 189-202
18 Estimation of Proportions under Successive Sampling Scheme
Author: Padam Singh and Nishi      Pages: 203-214
19 Residual Maximum Likelihood Estimation of (Co) Variance Components in Multivariate Mixed Linear Models using Average Information
Author: Just Jensen, Esa A. Mantysaari, Per Madsen and Robin Thompson      Pages: 215-236
20 Efficiency of the Residual Design under the Loss of Observations in a Block
Author: Aloke Dey, Chand K. Midha and D.C. Buchthal      Pages: 237-248
21 Efficient Block Designs for Estimating Conditional Main Effects Contrasts
Author: Lie-Jane Kao, W.I. Notz and A.M. Dean      Pages: 249-258
22 Characterizations of Uniform Distributions
Author: K. Balasubramanian and N. Balakrishnan      Pages: 259-266
23 Variance Estimation using Proportional Frequency Plans
Author: A. Dhandapani, V.K. Gupta and A.K. Nigam      Pages: 267-276
24 Optimal Design for An Inverse Prediction Problem under Random Coefficient Regression Models
Author: Erkki P. Liski, Arot Luoma, Nripes K. Mandal and Bikas K. Sinha      Pages: 277-288
25 A Bootstrap Look on the Precision of Heritability Estimators in Unbalanced Data
Author: V.K. Bhatia and J. Jayasankar      Pages: 289-306
26 On Overlapping Clusters and Multiplicity Sampling
Author: A.K. Srivastava      Pages: 307-318
27 Comparisons of Means using Conditionally Conjugate Priors
Author: Barry C. Arnold, Enrique Castillo and Jose Maria Sarabia      Pages: 319-334
28 Selecting Good Normal Regression Models: An Empirical Bayes Approach
Author: Shanti S. Gupta and TaChen Liang      Pages: 335-352
29 Measurement of Distance between Populations over Attributes under Multiple Samples
Author: Valluri S. Rao and J.S. Murty      Pages: 353-362
30 Improving Efficiency of Survey Sample Procedures through Order Statistics
Author: M.L. Tiku and P. Vellaisamy      Pages: 363-385
31 List of Contributors Vol 49
Author:       Pages: 387-390
32 Hindi Supplement Vol 49
Author:       Pages: 22