Journal Volume: 48      No.: 2     Year: 1996
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1 A-Efficient Block Designs with Unequal Block Sizes for Comparing Two Sets of Treatments
Author: Seema Jaggi      Pages: 125-139
2 Improved Estimator of Finite Population Correlation Coefficient
Author: Sarjinder Singh, N.S. Mangat and Jai P. Gupta      Pages: 141-149
3 A Note on Estimation of Mean with Known Population Proportion of an Auxiliary Character
Author: V.D. Naik and P.C. Gupta      Pages: 151-158
4 Construction of Second Order Slope Rotatable Designs using Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Type Designs
Author: B.Re. Victorbabu and V.L. Narasimham      Pages: 159-164
5 A Method of Construction of Triangular PBIB Designs
Author: K.K. Singh Meitei      Pages: 65-169
6 A Study of Politz-Simmon Estimator under Non-cooperation
Author: S.D. Sharma and A. Sil      Pages: 171-184
7 On Sequential Estimation of Genetic Parameters and their Functions
Author: K. Dutta and V. Goswami      Pages: 185-193
8 A Note on Ratio Estimator in Overlapping Clusters
Author: S.J. Amdekar      Pages: 195-198
9 Performance of Released and New Hybrids and Varieties of Sorghum in Dryland Alfisols
Author: P. Raghu Ram Reddy, G.R. Maruthi Sankar, S.K. Gupta and C. Hanumatha Rao      Pages: 199-205
10 Model Assisted Selection of a Product Strategy
Author: M.C. Agrawal and A.B. Sthapit      Pages: 99-205
11 On Use of Bootstrapping for Estimation of Confidence Interval of Heritability
Author: V.K. Bhatia and J. Jayasankar      Pages: 217-223
12 Hindi Supplement Vol 48 (02)
Author:       Pages: 7