Journal Volume: 48      No.: 1     Year: 1996
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1 The Applied Statistician
Author: T.V. Hanurav      Pages: 1-12
2 Agricultural Research and Education in the Changing World Order
Author: R.S. Paroda      Pages: 13-24
3 How Much of Our Foodgrain is Fed to Livestock and Poultry ?
Author: J.S. Sarma      Pages: 25-40
4 Proceedings of the Symposium on "Research Priorities in Agricultural Statistics to Meet Future Challenges
Author: Meet Future Challenges      Pages: 41-48
5 Proceedings of the Symposium on " The Role of Statistics and Land Use Planning"
Author:       Pages: 49-61
6 Abstracts of Papers Vol 48 (01)
Author:       Pages: 60-85
7 Review of Activities of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics for the year 1995
Author:       Pages: 84-97
8 A Class of Almost Unbiased Regression-type Estimators in Two Phase Sampling Applying Quenouille's Method
Author: Housila P. Singh, N.P. Katiyar and D.K. Gangwar      Pages: 98-104
9 On Double Sampling for Stratification with Sub-Sampling the Non-Respondents
Author: F.C. Okafor      Pages: 105-113
10 A Class of Estimators for Mean of Symmetrical Population when the Variance is not Known
Author: R. Karan Singh and S.M.H. Zaidi      Pages: 114-122
11 Book Review - A Text Book of Agricultural Statistics
Author:       Pages: 123-124
12 Hindi Supplement Vol 48 (01)
Author:       Pages: 3