Journal Volume: 47      No.: 3     Year: 1995
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1 Tests for Coefficient of Variation
Author: K. Aruna Rao and A.R.S. Bhatt       Pages: 225-229
2 A Class of Unbiased Ratio Estimators
Author: R.S. Biradar and H.P. Singh       Pages: 230-239
3 A New Predictive Ratio Estimator
Author: L.N. Sahoo, J. Sahoo and S. Mohanty      Pages: 240-242
4 On the Alternative Estimator for Randomized Response Technique
Author: S. Sampath, N. Uthayakumaran and D.S. Tracy      Pages: 243-248
5 A Note on Experimental Factors Influencing Variability in Research Data of Pulse Crops
Author: N.M. Patel, L.P. Purohit and U.K. Upadhyay      Pages: 249-252
6 Yield Forecast using Curvilinear Study of Yield and Biometrical Character
Author: Rajender Parsad and R.C. Jain      Pages: 253-261
7 A New Method of Construction of Second Order Slope Rotatable Designs using a Pair of Incomplete Block Designs
Author: B.Re. Victorbabu and V.L. Narasimham       Pages: 273-277
8 Predicting the Monthly Rainfall Around Guwahati using a Seasonal ARIMA Model
Author: D.K. Borah and P.K. Bora      Pages: 278-2S7
9 Regional Disparities in the Levels of Development in Uttar Pradesh
Author: Prem Narain, S.C. Rai and Shanti Sarup      Pages: 288-304
10 Hindi Supplement Vol 47 (03)
Author:       Pages: 6