Journal Volume: 47      No.: 1     Year: 1995
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1 Multi-Stage Point Estimation of the Mean Vector of a Multinomial Population
Author: R. Karan Singh, Anita Singh and Ajit Chaturvedi      Pages: 1-11
2 Use of Bootstrap Method in Comparing the Performance of Linear Discriminant Functions
Author: S.D. Wahi and V.K. Bhatia       Pages: 12-20
3 A Note on the Inverse Binomial Randomized Response Procedure
Author: N.S. Mangat and Ravindra Singh       Pages: 21-25
4 Book Review Vol 47 (01)
Author:       Pages: 26-28
5 Higher Education in India: Prospects and Perspectives
Author: K. Gopalan      Pages: 29-47
6 Area, Output and Yield of Coconut Trees in Kerala: A Short Note on Available Estimates and their Reliability
Author: K.N. Raj      Pages: 48-49
7 Proceedings of the Symposium on "Plantation Crops and their Role in New Economic Scenario"
Author:       Pages: 51-68
8 Proceedings of the Symposium on "Utilization of Available Data in Agricultural Research"
Author:       Pages: 69-83
9 Proceedings of the Session on "Statistical Computing"
Author:       Pages: 84-89
10 Abstracts of Papers Vol 47 (01)
Author:       Pages: 90-116