Journal Volume: 46      No.: 2     Year: 1994
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1 A Class of Almost Unbiased Regression -Type Estimators For Finite Population Mean Applying Jack-Knife Technique
Author: N.P. Katyar, Housila P. Singh and D.K. Gangwar      Pages: 183-189
2 Admissible Sampling Strategies for Model Sampling from A Finite Population
Author: Dilip Roy      Pages: 190-200
3 A Non-parametric Alternative for the Interpretation of Data Collected from Groups of Experiments
Author: P.V. Prabhakaran and Rani John      Pages: 201-209
4 Estimation of Crop Yield using Post-Stratification based on Satellite Data
Author: R.C. Goyal, Randhir Singh and R.S. Clihikara      Pages: 210-222
5 Estimation of Production Function using Quadratic Programming
Author: S.P. Mukherjee and U. Dasgupta      Pages: 223-230
6 Relative Efficiency of Neighbouring Techniques Over Block Design for Field Experiments with Wheat on Sodic Soils
Author: Vijay Katyal      Pages: 231-235
7 On Nearly π PS Sampling Scheme-II
Author: R.R. Saxena and Padam Singh      Pages: 236-253
8 A Comparative Study of Multidimensional Sampling Plans
Author: K. Dutta and V. Goswami      Pages: 254-266
9 Size and Power of a Sometimes Pool Test Procedure in a Mixed ANOVA Model using Two Preliminary Tests of Significance
Author: A.K. Singh, H.R. Singh and M.A. Ali      Pages: 267-278
10 Estimators of Repeatability for Perennial Crops
Author: S.D. Wahi      Pages: 267-278
11 The Effect of Measurement Errors under Survey Conditions on Least-Squares Estimator of Regression Coefficients
Author: R.C. Agrawal and O.P. Kathuria      Pages: 290-297
12 Announcement Vol 46 (02)
Author:       Pages: 2
13 Publications of the Society
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14 Hindi Supplement Vol 46 (02)
Author:       Pages: 7