Journal Volume: 46      No.: 1     Year: 1994
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1 Statistical Science in Agricultural Research and Development
Author: P. Narain      Pages: 1-20
2 Diet and Disease
Author: P.V. Sukhatme      Pages: 21-38
3 Energy Strategies and Population Problem in India
Author: P.K. Bose      Pages: 39-57
4 Proceedings of the Symposium on "Statistical Aspects of Different Cropping Systems
Author:       Pages: 58-69
5 A Note on Experimental Factors Influencing Variability in Research Data of Pulse Crops
Author: N.M. Patel, L.P. Purohit and U.K. Upadhyay      Pages: 70-85
6 Yield Forecast using Curvilinear Study of Yield and Biometrical Characters
Author: Rajender Parsad and R.C. Jain      Pages: 86-91
7 Some Composite Estimators for Small Area Estimation
Author:       Pages: 92-134
8 Variance Estimation Techniques in Categorical Data Analysis for Survey Data
Author: Anil Rai      Pages: 147-155