Journal Volume: 45      No.: 2     Year: 1993
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1 A General Class of Product-type Estimators Under Super-population Model
Author: V.K. Singh, G.N. Singh and D. Shukla      Pages: 177-186
2 Optimal Nested Block Designs
Author: V.K. Gupta      Pages: 187-194
3 An Improved Preliminary Test Estimator for the Variance of a Normal Distribution
Author: Gayatri Tiwari and K.P. Saxena      Pages: 187-194
4 Construction of Second Order Slope Rotatable Designs Using Pairwise Balanced Designs
Author: B.Re. Victor Babu and V.L. Narasimham      Pages: 200-205
5 Transformation of Mustard Aphid Counts
Author: Narendra Nath Singh and V.N. Rai      Pages: 206-213
6 Almost Filtration of Bias Precipitates: A New Approach
Author: Sarjinder Singh and Ravindra Singh      Pages: 214-218
7 Screening of Dose-Response Relationships Through Different Green Leaf Materials in Sorghum
Author: G.R. Maruthi Sankar, G. Subba Reddy, B. Venkateswarlu and J.C. Katyal      Pages: 219-225
8 An Almost Unbiased Product Estimator
Author: Vyas Dubey      Pages: 226-229
9 Minimaxity of the Pitman Estimator of Ordered Normal Means When the Variances are Unequal
Author: Somesh Kumar and Divakar Sharma      Pages: 230-234
10 Measurement of Economic Efficiency - Frontier Function Approach
Author: T.R. Shanmugam and K. Palanisami      Pages: 235-242
11 Estimates of Relationship Between Milk Yield and Age at First Calving in Cattle using Multivariate REML
Author: V.P.S. Chauhan and Prem Narain      Pages: 243-248
12 Hindi Supplement Vol 45 (02)
Author:       Pages: 8