Journal Volume: 44      No.: 2     Year: 1992
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1 Estimation of Weighted Mean of Finite Populations
Author: Shambhu Dayal and Rajesh Kumar      Pages: 95-105
2 On Nearly π PS Sampling Scheme
Author: Padam Singh and Surinder Kaur      Pages: 106-121
3 Genetic Parameters of Stayabillty of Different Categories of Dairy Animals
Author: V.K. Bhatia, P. Narain and P.K. Malhotra      Pages: 122-137
4 On Comparing Sampling Strategies
Author: P. Mukhopadhyay and Tapati Bagchi      Pages: 138-148
5 An Alternative Estimator for Randomized Response Technique
Author: Sarjinder Singh and Ravindra Singh      Pages: 149-154
6 Some Series of Rectangular Designs
Author: J. Subramani      Pages: 155-159
7 Small Sample Comparisons for the Generalised Chi-Square Statistics
Author: K. Aruna Rao and B.N. Nagnur      Pages: 160-170
8 Genetic Variability under Step-wise Discrete Mutation and Stabilizing Selection
Author: P. Narain      Pages: 171-192