Journal Volume: 44      No.: 1     Year: 1992
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1 Preliminary Test Estimators of Regression Coefficient
Author: M. Pandey and B.N. Pandey      Pages: 1-14
2 Generalized Class of Estimators of Finite Population Mean Using Multi-auxiliary Information when Pair-wise Correlation Coefficients are known
Author: H.S. Jhajj and M.K. Sharma      Pages: 15-26
3 Generalised Estimation Under Successive Sampling
Author: Padam Singh and R.J. Yadav      Pages: 27-36
4 The use of Dummy Variable Approach in Testing Regressions
Author: T.R. Shanmugam      Pages: 37-44
5 Supplementary Information Quantitative Randomized Response Model
Author: Rajendra Singh and O.P. Kathuria      Pages: 45-54
6 Block Designs for Mixture Experiments
Author: M.S. Ramachandra Murthy and J.S. Murty      Pages: 55-71
7 Procedures for Performing Multiple Comparisons in Repeated Measures Experiment
Author: M. Mazibar Rahman      Pages: 55-71
8 Two Stage Randomized Response Sampling Procedure using Unrelated Question
Author: N.S. Mangat      Pages: 82-87
9 Acknowledgement to Referees
Author:       Pages: 1
10 Announcement Vol 44 (01)
Author:       Pages: 1